Summer, July 1947

The Roswell Incident occurred during the summer of July in 1947. As future declassified FBI files would infer, 3 flying saucers collided due to malfunctions suffered from high-frequency Army radar systems in the desert of New Mexico.


Local rancher, Mac Brazel, would later stumble across the scattered wreckage of the doomed saucers; which its parts are believed to have yielded remarkable properties. Brazel would then eventually catch the attention of the local Army and eventually Maj Jesse Marcell. The local paper would go on to report that a 'flying saucer' was seized and in possession of the military.


Decades later the story would go on to include the retrieval of 3-5 small extraterrestrial beings that were interrogated and dissected.  L Philip J. Corse wrote a book called, The Day After Roswell, that detailed how some of the recovered technology was handed off to major corporations like IBM to disseminate to the masses - leading to today's technology.


Joe and I decided to make the 15 hr journey from Sacramento, CA to Roswell NM to see the location of the UFO crash site for ourselves. 


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Area 51, NV

Bob Lazar was the first person to ever utter the words "Area 51" when he made history speaking about the top-secret military location in Nevada to local news Reporter George Knapp.  Bob explained that he worked with a small team to reverse engineer the propulsion generator on a craft from an extraterrestrial origin, that the US Military was keeping in total secret, at a place called S4 just 15 miles south of Area 51 in the Nevada desert. The small team of geniuses would be transported between the two areas on Buses with blacked out windows.


While working on this incredibly secret black project, he would learn that gravity was indeed a wave, element 115 was the power source of the craft created in the heart of stars from galaxies far away. These were profound discoveries and devices that were being kept, illegally, from the American people. 


Fast forward decades later and we are still talking about Area 51 and Bob Lazar! Scientists at LIGO recently detected gravity waves and element 115 has been synthesized.  More on Area 51




Close to 100 people attending the annual CONTACT in the DESERT event in 2016 witnessed several UFOs at close range. This might have been dismissed as anecdotal except that a documentary film crew captured the incident. Reportage and video of the sighting were covered in the Daily Express, Coast to Coast AM, and other outlets. Also in 2016, in Indian Wells, the conferences’ new home, dozens of bright star-like orbs moving together rapidly across the sky, were observed on July 23. Will there be a sighting at this new location for the event’s 6th year? More CTITD




Spring of 2008 - An unidentified object balzes through the sky of the small town of Needles, CA. It crashes and explodes into the bank of the Colorado river. Shortly after, military descended upon the town to quiet the locals and collect the exploded craft.


On a UFO Bro investigation, Joe stumbles upon a piece of metal using a metal detector. Digging into the ground he pulls out a thing, strong, malleable piece of metal. What is it? Is it from Needles, CA? Joe and Emmett are still researching this strange case.