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Joe and Emmett Hayes are two brothers from Northern California who grew up looking at the stars and wondering what was out there, and now two decades later they are still doing the same thing. The brothers turned their hobby into their profession becoming two of the most preeminent investigators of the UFO phenomena. While their methods aren’t always by the book, their passion for explaining the unexplainable is incontrovertible.  They bring attention to the subject through brotherly humor and irreverence; while at the same time given the subject the respect it deserves.   Read Full Bio

Giorgio Tsoukalos UFO Bros CTITD
Giorgio Tsoukalos UFO Bros CTITD

Giorgio Tsoukalos and UFO Bros at Contact in the Desert

Emmett Joe UFO Bros
Emmett Joe UFO Bros

Emmett and Joe the UFO Bros with Alien

Richard Dolan UFO Bros CTITD
Richard Dolan UFO Bros CTITD

Picture of Richard Dolan at Contact in the Desert with the UFO Bros.

CTITD Mystic Maverick
CTITD Mystic Maverick

Emmett and Joe at the Mystic Maverick booth at Contact in the Desert.



We think there is indeed a mysterious 'force' that has yet to be fully discovered or acknowledged by current day science.  Advanced Beings from elsewhere have technologized this phenomenon which connects all things living, spiritual, paranormal, and extraordinary. Glimpses of this harnessed 'technology', ability or incident (ESP, UAPs, Remote viewing) has to be seen, witnessed, measured, tracked and even back-engineered.


Governments of the world including the USA have locked away, in black projects, amazing technologies that would revolutionize the world. Some of these technologies that include gravity manipulation and cognitive connection with hardware devices are real and here today.  The Department of Defense (DOD) only recently admitted that its Advanced Aeronautical Threat Identification Program (AATIP) was indeed real and lasted from 2008-2012 at a cost of more than $25 million to US taxpayers.


There is a connection between these hidden technologies, 'force' and beings that travel to our planet through space-time and dimension. Discoveries that would have changed the world decades ago continue to be locked away from the public and in strict control of a few high ranking military officers. Governments of the world continue to hide the truth about the most profound discovery in the existence of mankind, ever - we’re not alone.

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what we do

We're finding answers to the documented and confirmed UFO phenomenon government coverup and hidden technologies. By traveling to various alien and ufo hotspots, meeting with experts and interviewing eye-witnesses, with physical proof, we are pushing for total and complete disclosure of the UFO Phenomenon. We use our popular podcast UFO BROS Probecast to share our experiences often LIVE!  


When evaluating a UFO case, we have a very simple process we follow:


Step 1:

Speak with eyewitnesses - Get details 

Step 2:

Narrow down the possibilities - Bird? Balloo? Plane? Drone? Military? or?

Step 3: 

Perform experiments that might explain what was seen or photographed

Step 4: 

Input from peers - Interviewing experts and scientists in the field of UFOlogy

Step 5:

Conclusion. Was it explainable? 


This method of investigation has served us well in the past year and we continue to develop our methods and theories as we continue our adventure.


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