• Emmett Hayes

Comicbook.com Interview #stormingarea51

"Comicbook.com - In one of the weirdest instances of fan campaigns, one group of brave individuals used Facebook to amass more than two million users who claim they are willing to raid Area 51, relying on their numbers being too great to face legal ramifications, with the Travel Channel confirming they will be broadcasting the event in Storming Area 51, addition to documenting Alienstock. The event has undergone a surprising number of twists and turns, earning worldwide attention, though not all of it positive, with various law enforcement agencies discouraging people from storming a military facility for any reason. The Travel Channel's upcoming broadcast on Sunday, September 29th at 10 p.m. ET will likely shed insight into the bizarre ordeal.

Per press release, "Last month, the Internet went in full meltdown mode when it was announced that a big event was planned to infiltrate Area 51, the top-secret military installation long-rumored to hold alien secrets. Days later, it morphed into a big alien-themed festival Alienstock, hosted by the small town of Rachel, Nevada on September 20th-22nd, 2019 to celebrate and congregate around all things alien and alien conspiracy. And now, earlier this week, the festival organizers are at odds on what is really going to happen this weekend with two million Facebook fans pledged to invade this remote locale and many logistics still not yet announced. Then, the original organizer of the event announced a rival event to be held in Las Vegas. Confused yet?"