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Roswell Crash Debris - Update for 2018

We recently interview Dr. Jerry Kroth, who has been searching a decade for the mysterious alloy. He says that while teaching grade school in the 1950's a student handed him a remarkable piece of "thin aluminium" that had some very interesting traits. In the few minutes he held this thin aluminium material he attempted to roll it into a tiny ball only for it to spring back open the moment he opened his hand. Using scissors and the pin of a compass as a way to cut, poke or rip it proved unsuccessful. Intrigued, he handed it back to the little girl and continued on wth the class.

Flash forward to 2008 after the release of "The Day After Roswell" book by Philip J Corso, Dr. Kroth read a page in the book claiming that metals and alloys retrieved from the Roswell UFO Crash of 1947 were not able to be cut, burnt or smashed. Realizing the similarities between the roswell memory metal and what he handled back in the 1950's set him on a course to find thhe little girl who handed him that remarkable piece of metal.

Here's our Interview with Dr. Jerry Kroth on the Roswell Memory Metal.

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