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Emmett & Joe, The UFO Bros

It’s summer, August 1995, 11 year old Emmett & 12 year old Joe Hayes are sitting in front of the TV watching a highly controversial FOX Broadcast called: Alien Autopsy. The grotesque and captivating documentary of what seemed to be a real alien autopsy from the Roswell UFO crash of 1947, put into motion what would be an intense curiosity for the unknown. Emmett & Joe, real brothers, would later be known as the UFO Bros: Investigators of the phenomenon.

Starting in 2016, Twenty-one years later as adults, Emmett & Joe seriously set out to discover the truth behind the very real possibility that earth is being visited by intelligent extraterrestrial beings. Within a year they visited and investigated multiple UFO sightings as well as alien hotspots and crash sites. With their relatable brand of brotherly humor, they filmed their adventures at such places as the infamous Area 51, the supposed UFO crash debris field on the plains of Roswell, New Mexico and more recent ufo crashes like the one that occurred in 2008 near Needles, CA.

To share their experiences they started the Podcast, UFO Bros: Probecast, which has soared to more that 25,000 downloads, thousands of fans ands followers and has inspired the UFO community with their fun but serious take on the UFO topic. As serious investigators and media personalities, Emmett & Joe are asked to regularly educate the public on the UFO topic through workshops and classes at various UFO conferences and events.

Emmett and Joe are taking their passion for the ‘phenomenon’ out on the road to find the real evidence; that we have and are still been visited by beings from another planet. Follow along this quirky journey into the unknown as these two brothers continue breaking boundaries in the current, stiff and imperious world of UFOlogy.

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