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Roswell UFO Crash 1947 Investigation

Summer, July 1947 The Roswell Incident occurred during the summer of July in 1947. As future declassified FBI files would infer, 3 flying saucers collided due to malfunctions suffered from high frequency Army radar systems in the desert of New Mexico.​Local rancher, Mac Brazel, would later stumble across the scattered wreckage of the doomed saucers; which its parts are believed to have yielded remarkable properties. Brazel would then eventually catch the attention of the local Army and eventually Maj Jesse Marcell. The local paper would go on to report that a 'flying saucer' was seized and in possession of the military.Other stories would go on to include the retrieval of 3-5 small extraterrestrial beings who were being kept in secret. Joe and I decided to make the 15 hr journey from Sacramento, CA to Roswell NM.

We had no idea that a trip to Roswell, NM could be so inspiring, especially to those of us in the UFO Field. This trip to the crash-site from the famous Roswell UFO crash validated for us that something did indeed crash in the plains of New Mexico. Meeting Beth Wiegan from the Roswell UFO Museum was great because she showed us replicas of debris reportedly collected at the crash scene. So, what crashed? Was it a Weather Balloon? Nazi Tech, or extraterrestrials? We continue our journey to the truth of what really happened that summer of 1947.

The Road to Roswell - Short Films

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