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Storming Area 51
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Unidentified with Demi Lovato Peacock

UFO Bros

Investigators of the Phenomenon

Emmett and Joe have been described as the next generation of UFO researchers and explorers who have taken the UFO world by storm. 


The brothers have investigated the Roswell crash site of 1947, Stormed Area 51, and retrieved a piece of metal in the Needles desert, CA UFO crash of 2008. Their most recent adventures include taking one of the world's biggest pop stars, Demi Lovato, on a night UFO investigation


With their UFO Bros: Probecast and television appearances, the UFO Bros continue to bring a unique brand of fun and humor to UFO research while still taking the topic seriously. 


Emmett and Joe's fun and zany podcast covering the UFO topic featuring conversations with notable figures and celebrities.

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UFO Investigations